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I'm firmly in the two is better than one camp. Our labs came a year apart (though Roscoe had my stepdaughter's dog for company before Cassie when she briefly lived with us). The labs were like husband and wife and though Cassie was very attached to Roscoe in the younger years, things shifted as they got older and Roscoe became more dependent on Cassie when his eye site failed. They loved each other and I still think she mourns him because of the way her head pops up when she hears his name.

Duke and Violet are two peas in a pod! Though I would put them more in the brother/sister partnership, they have a blast together. And because of Violet, Duke has really grown up and settled down so much. They are still beagles, and can still get inot major trouble together, but less than Duke was getting into on his own when he was bored. They play a lot and they watch out for each other.

I say if they get along, go for it! Plus, that way, there's always a beagle around to pet and love on for everybody!
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