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Murphy was a lone pup for the first 6 years of his life. He had SA when we got him, luckily he grew out of it. We brought Summer home and the got along. They kept each other company. Towards the end of Murphy's life they became partners in crime. It was amazing the trouble they would get into together (look up BATTLESHIP MURPHY in the Search). Murphy passed away, and Summer was alone for a month. She seemed OK with it. Then we got Kali. When they are together you can see that Summer is happy, so is Kali. They have become pack mates. They play together (and fight on occasion too) and keep each other occupied during the day. There is nothing sweeter than when Summer lays down in the back seat of the car and Kali lays next to her, the places her head across Summer's neck for comfort.

I do agree. Two are better than one.
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