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Online Picture Storage for Posting

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Some time ago, I joined a place for BW members to upload pictures. Its is called Sony Imagestation - BeagleWorld Album . All members need to to is join Imagestation to be able to upload pictures. The upload link is here:

BW Album Upload

Just follow the instructions. All I ask is that we keep the image size to under 400 pixels on the longest side. This size lets the images load fairly quikly even for dial-up users.

I have found another site that hosts pictures free and allows hot linking. It is called IMAGESHACK.US . You simply upload your image to their site and once its done, they give you 4 ways to link to it. For BW, it the first choice. Just copy it from there and paste it into your post. VERY SIMPLE. Your image will be stored for at least one year. Every time someone links to it, the clock is reset. Try it, you will like it.

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Joe, I have tried at least half a dozen times to get into Imagestation. When it says it will send my password etc to my email address, it never does. I have tried with 4 different addresses but still no joy. I will have to continue with Shutterfly and hope my pics aren't too big. I apologise if they are. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
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Hi Daisygirl, no I didn't email them. I could certainly try that. I can re-size the photos and then save them again but to be honest I don't know if they are too big at the moment or not. I will have to go and check. It just annoyed me that I couldn't join Imagestation. I wanted to see what it offered that was different to Shutterfly. Thank you for your advice. :thumbup:
Well I just went and checked my photos and they are I think 480 at there longest edge which is a bit too big so I will have to start re-sizing them or try harder to get into Imagestation.
Daisygirl, I went to Imagestation and they have a live help line and I was given my activation code then and there. This is simply my attempt at following 7Beagleladys instuctions on how to post with a photo of Holly infront of our new fire that took about 5 weeks to get and have installed. It is our only form of heating so it was very welcome. So here goes.

Oooooooh it worked. My photos are now a little smaller so hope it helps people on dial up. Thanks Joe, Daisygirl, 7B and Genie. :thumbup:
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Thanks Joe. I have downloaded it but am too tired to play at the moment. I will give it a go next time I post a photo. :thumbup:
decemberbaby, welcome back firstly. I can tell you how I post photos which is how Jennifer first told me. It isn't quite how the others do it but here goes.
Go to the picture you want to post, right click on it, there is an url address which you highlight, right click on that and click copy. Then come to BW and in your post put
after it. Hopefully when you see your post the photo should be there. I think that is it but others might tell you different so try and see. It worked for me. :thumbup:
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