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One year ago today.........

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This adorable little puppy came into our lives. Though we had researched and decided on the beagle breed, we weren't expecting to get one this day. But we did, we traveled an hour out of town on a weeknight just to look ha ha. He was the perfect traveler the whole trip home and that night when he fell asleep in between us in bed, we just knew we had chosen the perfectly behaved puppy!

Boy did he have a surprise in store for us! LOL The real Duke showed up the next day and life has been full of fun ever since. There were times we never thought we'd be able to train him and times we were laughing so hard at his antics that we didn't care. He always made us smile and we knew he was worth the effort.

A year later, we're amazed at what a good boy he has turned into. There are still some hints of the puppy left and we love that! I also love to see all the changes in his coloring and size.

Happy one year Adoption Day, Duke! I cannot imagine life without his sweet little face.

Here's a few pics from today:

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Happy A-Day Duke! Congratulations on your first year! You've grown into such a handsome boy. It seems you've made your mommy and daddy very happy.

P.S. I had to smile at your description of his first year...how bad he was...but how you always ended up laughing. That's how things were here with Jersey.
Happy adoption day Duke! You are one handsome and lucky boy!
Happy Adoption Day
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Happy Adoption Day Duke! You are a very handsome boy!
Happy Adoption Day Duke! I hope there are lots of special treats for you.
Happy Adoption Day, Duke! Henry's Adoption/2nd birthday is coming up on September 1st! Your description of the first year with Duke is quite similar to my first year with Henry, lol. What were we thinking!? LOL
Duke looks fantastic! Does he work out every day?
Well Java, if running from mommy with a bra in his mouth or chasing kitty down the hallway count as workouts, then yes, he does work out every day! LOL

We had a great A-Day, full of treats and games and love. Thanks all, for your well wishes.
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