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I read a post from a lady. It was as if I had written it. LOL.

Nelly is about 4 months old. I got her about 2 months ago.

I also lost our 15 year old, what we thought was King Charles/Jack Russell. Her name was Luda. She was such a sweet CALM dog. Three days before she passed (last chance) I got a ton of swabs, for a DNA. I wanted to know.
Shocked!!! Luda was 3/4 Beagle. No King Charles I still question (but after looking up Beagle) could see that, but whatever!!!
I finally was ready and just started "looking".

Then there she was...💝💝💝
Looked like Luda. But she is "Nelly". I was told King Charles and Beagle.
So tiny. So sweet. So cute.

Well...that didn't change, but suddenly she's gone crazy!!!
In two months she is double in size (I don't think she will be super large)...but her strength is amazing!!! I remember Luda pulling, but NOTHING LIKE THIS!!!
I live behind a huge park, would love to let her run, run ,run. I can't see EVER letting her off leach.
LOL...Today (long leach) she ran circles around me 20 times.
I also can't trust her not chewing EVERYTHING!!!
She has toys. The crazyness JUST started. Go figure. I found a sweater for her at Winners "Cute But Psycho". I can't believe it was at the check out. The only one and it fits her!!!
I'm 63. I hope I can handle her. I know she's still a puppy.🙏
She's so mischievous, loveable, and Beagle NOT King Charles.
She's just looking at me from under the covers with those big eyes. I just forgot the rest of my rants about her. Hahaha

One last story. 15 year old declawed Felix has Nelly's respect. She bit HIS tail just once. There were a couple of yelps. From that day forth she STOPS in her tracks and behaves instantly. Total respect, and they even play now, but NO biting. LOL
Can't find how to attach pic.

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Here's a former mischief maker and biter..Cassie is now 9.7 yrs old. Everybody..get a Clicker at the petstore or on line..its a great cheap training tool..watch YouTube videos on how to use one.
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