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QUESTION: Are acorns harmful to dogs? IN what quantities if so? Cassidy ate like, 50 acorns today at the dog park. And she always eats them....wonder if that's causing the colitis? People at the park were telling me that I needed to stop her right away.HELP?!?!
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I just did a quick google search, and things came up saying they have the potential to be dangerous.

For good measure, I have just begun digging anything - leaves, branches, whatever - out of my puppies' mouths.
yes!! acorns are not good!!! i wouldn't let her eat them at all! i wouldn't let her eat them, it def. might be a cause for alot of her recent illness
and I would also let the vet know about it if you haven;t already.
SNOOPY LOVES ACORNS! Don't get me wrong. I don't encourage her. But anything she can put in her mouth...well...you guessed it...she eats it. She has eaten pine cones, sticks, rocks, acorns, worms (her personal favorite) and even a mole. Yes, the whole mole. The only thing that has made her sick was the mole. That did not agree with her. If anybody has suggestions on how to get her to stop, I welcome your ideas. She loves to be outside but we can't be with her 24/7. Even if we turn our back for a minute she is chewing on something. HELP!
Oh my goodness! I know acorns are bad...and I bet they could be causing her upset stomach.

I'm SO grateful JoJo hasn't graduated to acorns...yet.
She loves sticks and dead birds, though -- blech!
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