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Originally Posted By: Brien & Bodie

I would try three things. If you haven't already done so, pick a very specific potty area, maybe a few feet squared. And don't move. Make that the designated potty location and keep bringing her back to it if she wants to move on. After she does goes potty let he stay outside a little longer and sniff around. That way she won't associate potty means going right back inside. Finally, give her LOTS of positive praise when she does go potty. This can be getting down to her level and playing with her or treats.

We've never really had that problem with Bodie. During the day and early evening if he wants to go out he'll sit by the rear slider and we'll let him go out on his own. We tell him to get busy and within a minute he'll go. I think having that structure in place really helps. He knows when we take him out it's time to get busy and rarely fights it.
i did this with sophie per the advice from someone on this board(probably you) and these days, we go outside, i take her to the spot and tell her to do her thing, and she does. she is helping the new dog learn this trick.
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