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just setting here thinking about bernie headed to his MRI in a few short hours. i was running a list through my head of all the dogs if had the pleasure of living with. figured it might be fun to see if we can name the kids in our past/present.

penny the chi-wa-wa (as i called it)she was there when i came into this world.
ok theres penny
friday (mixed breed. got him on a friday)
sara (english bull)
tessy (poodle)
tojo (poodle)
hector (poodle)
scotty (aussie herder)
scooby (lab)
bernie beagle (beagle of course)
there were several other dogs too. but those were all stolen. ok let me explain that rather quickly.
when i was a kid, and it was more safe to run the streets as a kid,you know, back when everybody kept an eye on everybodys kids, and ya didnt need to lock your front door when ya left to go do some shopping, i use to steal dogs. i mean i would find a dog here and there and bring him/her home to play with. i didnt mean any harm i swear it, i just wanted to play. i even brought a st bernard home once. boy did i get into trouble for that find. my brother and sister would comb the streets trying to place dogs with their rightful owners. they are a bit older than i am. i was always bringing home something new too. birds,cats,turtles,frogs on and on. i didnt have very many friends my age, so i played with the animals. always swore i was gonna live like grizzly adams too. with the way things are today, that grizzly adams idea still dont look to bad either.
oh, bernie's big day is today folks. please keep all fingers crossed,paws too, and keep the prayers rolling.

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growing up we had lots of cats way to many to name, since my folks had a farm... we also named our chickens growing up too...but I will give it a shot
Sam- was a lab mix
Pepper- bull dog mix (the dog that bit me when I was 3)
Thomas, Shomudel,Bo, Bastion, Abe, Anastasita, Bianca, Cecil, Gage, Willow, Sadie, Sabastion,Abercrombie, Shiloh, Simone, Hilda, Hannah, Marcus, McCoy, Aggie, Princess, Junkie, Ichabad, Dean Duncan, Calliope, Columbus, Ivan, Ambrose, etc- all cats
Striker- a shephard mix
Levi- a lab/pit bull mix ( a real sweetie)
Dandy- Shetland pony, lived 30 plus years... died the day after my wedding almost 2 years ago.
Some chickens were Colonel Sanders, Clucky, Crook, Chase, Charity, Lucifer, Luna, Pretty, Big Girl, Bud, Belinda...

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OK...I'll help you pass the time, Rick. This is going to be some tough waiting for you, I know.

Telly: Black german shep, when I was born
Jet: Black German Shep after Telly
Dixie: Black German Shep after Jet
Cherie: toy poodle
Pepper: Husky that my sister acquired when she
left home...then moved back.
Sandy Sue: Husky that we found collapsed in New Orleans.
Ginger (aka Gingergoose!): Golden Retriever that my husband found in New Orleans.
Jake: My beloved beagle mix that we found at a fishing camp in Grand Isle, Louisiana
Olivia: My little senior, feeble, terrier mix that we found in N.O. 15 years ago.
Kelsey: lab/border collie mix that we adopted up here in Virginia.
Henry Beetle: our beetle who we had special ordered down in Louisiana and sent up here to us in VA. (he was a hurricane dog).

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Okay RC, I'll play too: (the waiting is the hardest......)

Crackers: Dalmation as a toddler
Maggie and Jiggs: beagle pair as a kid
Sam: beagle as a kid
Jo Jo:poodle as a pre-teen
Kip: cattle dog as a teen
Rye: cattle dog as a newlywed
Abby: mixed breed after Rye
Zeke: black lab when son was a toddler; lived until my son's senior year in high school
Calvin and Maggie: mixed breed and beagle adopted when son left for college.

Might also add, I grew up on a farm, and we had numerous strays who lived with us, and dad also bred beagles and cattle dogs. The dogs I named were MY fondest memories, although I could go on and on.

Prayers continuing RC!

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Rick, my prayers go out to you....

Midnight- first cat(hated my brother and I)
Prince- first dog. Lab/shephard mix. lived to be 18.
Spunky- Cat, also lived to be 18.
Tye- cat
numerous Hamsters- 2 turned in many...
3 parakeets.
1 guinea pig.
1 mitred Conure.
1 ferret.
This was as I was a teenager.
But since I've been married we've had:
Kayla-German Shephard
Nala-German Shephard
Mick- Mixed breed dog (he's not even sure what his mix is)
Toby-Chocolate lab
and multitple fish.

Oh and my kids had hamsters.

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Wow, this is going to be hard. My mom is a vet tech so there were always a ton of animals around our house. This will be in no particular order, I'm just going to list as I remember...

Dogs -
Jersey - my current Beagle/something mix. She looks like a taller, leaner version of a Beagle. I got her from Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue on August 21, 2005. She (and her littermates)came to them from North Florida where her momma' was found as a stray, very pregnant on the side of the road. I can't even tell you how much I love this dog. She mended my broken heart after losing my Amber girl and I think all my love for Amber and then some went into her. She's my pride and joy.

Amber - Beagle/Cavalier Mix - she was my precious. She was the first dog that I had as my own dog, not a family pet. She came with me to college, helped me through so much. She died February 24, 2005 at the age of 12. She went into kidney failure and within a few weeks, went from happy and healthy to gone...she died at home with me holding her. I felt her last hearbeat and watched her take her last breath. I still miss her terribly. I find myself calling Jersey by Amber's name sometimes still.

Thor, Shana, JoJo, Loki, Magnum, Rhett Butler - all Dobermans. Thor was the best dog. He died when I was in high school, but I still remember him so vividly. He was very special. I was his kid and could do anything to him. He was very protective of me. He used to chase my pony tail when I was little. When he'd catch it, he'd pounce on me and start licking my face. Shana used to eat the walls and the furniture when it would rain, especially if it was thundering.

Roscoe- German Shepard - He could tell what color his bandanas were. If you told him to go get the red bandana, he'd get it...blue, green, black, whatever.

Tramp - Terrier mix

Frosty - Westie - aka Frosty the Snowpuppy

Keo - Springer Spaniel - my first dog, he was epileptic. He ran away one day and never returned. My mom said he ran away to die.

Kelly & Bud - Cavalier Mix (my Amber's Aunt & Uncle)

Pippi - Heinz 57 variety - she jumped out the window and got attacked by the neighbors dogs and got killed. My mom rented a house once that had a pond in the back with a slide. She'd climb the ladder and go down the water slide. She loved the water. She would play in the water with my Aunt's Rottweiller, Zora. Pippi would slide down the water slide and Zora would jump off the diving board. Then Zora would swim around chasing the bubbles she made by paddling in the water. They were so fun to watch.

Cats - there were so many, I'll never remember them all right now, but I'll do my best.

Piewacket - Siamese - she was evil. She'd hide in the linen closet and jump on your head when you opened the door. My mom named her after the cat in the old witch movie, "Bell, Book & Candle".

Chippy - she was my baby. I loved that cat. She got out one day and never came back. My mom won't tell me but I think that my stupid step father ran her over on accident. She'd sit on your shoulder. That's how she got her name, from the saying "You've got a chip on your shoulder".

Groucho - he had a little black moustache and looked like Groucho Marx. Plus he was cross eyed. I'd wake up to something breathing in my face to find a cross eyed cat staring at me while I slept. He was such a goof. We think he may have had a little bit of brain damage, as he wasn't the smartest guy around, but he was a sweetie.

Inky, Blinky, Winky, and Huck, aka Huckleberry Kitty - (All littermates, most were named after the ghosts from the Pac-Man game) and their mother, Momma' Llama and another kitten from another of her litters, Baby Llama (he would hang onto the vacuum as you cleaned and even hung under the chest of one of the dobermans once...he was nuts).

Willow, Shadow, Sylvester, Nugget (he used to sit on the fish tank and try to catch the fish swimming around), and the list could go on and on. We had a lot of cats over the years. We even had a racoon named Mookie.

I'm sure there are a some that I've forgotten. Our house was a revolving door of cats and dogs (mostly cats). My mom would bring them home from work when their owner's just didn't want to deal with them, so she'd get them to sign them over to her. A lot of them were handicapped...I used to call her house the "Land of Misfit Animals" (like the "Land of Misfit Toys" from the Rudolph cartoon). There was Only, because he only had one eye. Shaky Lee, because he used to shake when he walked. I could go on and on....

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Sheba - She was my first kitty cat, a calico... first animal for that matter. My sister and I found her at my Grandma's late at night laying in the middle of her farm in a thunderstorm. Yeah... we couldn't pass her up. :p She ended up getting attacked by a dog and died on our front porch. We had her declawed, and she was unable to climb the tree outside of our house. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

Bubba - He was my first dog. He was a german shepherd/terrier/chow mix that we had to euthanize last year. I loved him! The vet felt a huge mass in his abdomen, and he was already sickly, so thats why we decided to go ahead and do that.

Pele - Short-lived kitten that I found at my Grandma's. Named after a soccer player cause he/she was black and white like a soccer ball heh. I was probably eleven or so and decided to give it a bath. Unfortunately, she/he caught pneumonia and died soon afterward. (don't have a very good record with animals it seems!)

Ran out of time--must go to class lol. I'll finish later.

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Have you heard anything yet, Rick? If you still need help waiting, I'll help:

When my parents discovered I was on the way into the world, my dad got a little Fox Terrier named Tiny, so we could grow up together.. I don't remember him at all, really, and only know what he looked like from pictures. He died when I was 9 and he was 10.
Next came the Tippys:
Tippy 1 chihuahua
Tippy 2 toy manchester
Tip-a-wee chihuahua (My dad was partial to chihuahuas. I was partial to anything whose last name was dog.My mother was partial to no pets at all. Daddy won!)
Fitchem cat (don't ask about the name!)
Lady Boston terrier
Pepper chihuahua
Since I've been married, we've had:
Cleo cat
Tiger cat
Molly standard poodle
Sassy poodle/cocker/? mix
Maggie poodle mix
Misty toy-mini poodle (and her oops puppies:
Lady,****** and George)
Coco standard poodle
KC cat (formally known as Kitty Cat)
Shiloh needs no explanation!
Poe cat

Good luck Rick, Hope you hear good news soon!

BTW, thanks for the funny mental picture of your siblings wandering around the neighborhood returning all the pets you'd "stolen!"

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Well, I'm going to play today! Hope everything went well with the MRI.

Heidi the cat
Huey the cat
Jessie the dog (chihuahua & dachsuand mix)
Mr. Ed the guinea pig
Dixie the cat
Ali the cat
Maggie the dog (still alive) she's a mutt
Houdini the hamster
Sally & Sarah (mom & daughter) the guinea pigs
Aladdin the hamster
Jasmine the guinea pig
Rex the iguana (my brother's)
Rona (still alive) & Molly (mom & daughter) the cats
Tommy Boy the cat
Anabel the cat (still alive)
Trixie the cat (still alive)
Plus a million fish over the years...
Lucky my beagle
Kenny my goldfish

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Still on pins and needles Rick? Here is my two cents.

Squeeky - my 4th birthday present. A red Persian cat. My father was in the service and we moved constantly. She was my "always there" friend for 16 years.
After I married my husband surprised me with Sam, a little beagle mix puppy. Mom was a beagle but
Dad was a stranger in the night. This was where I learned 2 things for sure in life. One, I certainly married the right man - he loved Sam as much as I did. And 2, I was now, forever and ever a "Beagle person"!

A year later we decided that Sam need and roommate so Daisy came to us via the local humane society. Both lived to 15 and 16.

Sam died first so we wanted another dog for Daisy and we adopted Nefee (short for Nefereriti). We though she looked like a little Egyptian with the large amount of eyeliner she had but did not want to name her Cleopatra. Nefee was one of the smartest dogs we have ever had. I could go on for days about Nefee and her adventures. She has been dead 25 years and I still miss her. But the memories she has left still warm my heart.

When Daisy went to the bridge we got Cricket for a companion for Nefee. Cricket got her name because that little devil could jump straight up - several feet straight up!

Next came Fleagle. She was the sweetest dog I have ever known. When she arrived Nefee and Cricket were 13 and 14. She knew she was an interloper and never pushed or bullied the old ladies. I lover her dearly for that and later on in life she became my Queen "B". She died last summer at almost 16. That little darling could shed more fur than 3 other dogs put together. She was another "special" dog.

We had Brittany for only 9 months. She had some problems and we knew her time with us would be short and we tried to make it the best possible.

The current pack consists of Shasta almost 11. Austin almost 8 and Megan who we estimated is 7.

Enough rattling on here on my part!
Let us know when you hear something.
Thoughts and prayers coming your way!

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Hopefully, you've heard something by now but here is my short list:
Timmy the parakeet who I had as a child -- he lived to be about 12 or 13

a wire fox terrier who we only had for a few weeks when I was about 10 years old -- he died of distemper -- I have no recollection of his name

Beaujolais -- my first dog on my own -- got her as a puppy -- her mother was a "Cruzan" hound, i.e., mixed breed and her father was a Great Dane. She was beautiful and very, very smart.

Shef -- a black and silver shepherd who I got when he was about 3 months old. Handsome but dumb. He grew up with Beaujolais and followed her around everywhere, not having a clue where they were going.

A month before hurricane "hugo" hit St. Croix, I had both of them put to sleep -- Beaujolais was 15 and Shef was 14. Beaujolais was deaf and going blind. Shef had severe arthritis in his spine and couldn't walk or get up without help. For large dogs(80 and 90 lbs. respectively, they lived extremely long being in the tropics. Their being put to sleep was a blessing as they never would have survived the hurricane or its aftermath.

And then there's my Maggie -- who will be 12 in June and is very, very dear to me.

Hope this helps to pass the time!

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My list isn't as big as some of yours, but here goes.

Fido - A cockapoo schnauzer mix that liked to
chase cars. She warned us that our house
was on fire and we were able to get out
safely. I got her when I was four years
old and she died at the age of 16.

Dave - An old english sheepdog/bearded collie
mix. I could write another Marley book
on how he was. He was big, dumb and had
a heart of gold. I'll never forget the
day he fell in the pool with a Ritz
cracker box on his head. He had to be put
down at the age of 8, one month after
Fido. Broke our hearts.

Mugsy - A stray Old English Sheepdog we found
wandering the Ralph's supermarket
parking lot. He had been abused and was
petrified of men. He was very soft,
sweet and loving. We kept him for a few
years, but ended up giving him away to a
very nice family that had a lot of room
to roam. Also, my mom thought two dogs
were enough. He lived a long healthy
life. 15 years after we gave him to the
family, they called my mom to let her
know that he passed away from old age.
We never did know exactly how old he was.

PJ - My beloved German Shepherd. She was my
first dog on my own. She was diagnosed with
hip displaysia at 9 months old. We had both
of her hips fixed (not replaced, they
created a false joint using muscle) and she
ran like no tomorrow. She was a smart girl
who was very protective, but at the same
time wouldn't hurt a fly. Unfortunately,
she fell victim to real life circumstances
and we found a home for her with a truck
driver from Kentucky. She frequently comes
up here on potato runs.

Bear- The biggest most loveable chocolate lab
you will ever meet. He was 25 lbs at 8
weeks, if that is any indication. Bear
7 years old and currently living with my

Molly - The love of my life. My little Peanut
Head. The queen beagle. 4 years young,
great snuggler and little miss smarty

Maggie - My adopted black lab. My sweet Magpie.
She is so sensitive, but protective at
the same time. She is going to be 8
years young this August. She is my
favorite fishing partner.

As for the cats, I've had tons. Smuckers, who lived with my mom, died two years ago at the age of 16. Currently, I have Fuzz, who is a Siamese mix and has been with me for 14 years now. He still looks and acts like he is 4 years old.

BTW- Jen, I had a Piewacket too. She was a scardy cat. Beautiful grey Persian mix.

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OOOOH fun!

Tinky - Scottish Terrior
Sammy - Golden Retriever
Hewie, Dewie & Lewie - Some assortment of fish
Tiger Lily - Cat (Boy cat, by the way)
Bart - Labrador
Jake - Labrador (named after the song "Feed Jake"
Buddy - Bassett Hound (died of lymphoma last year)
Jackie - Jack Dempsy (fish that i bought in 2002 and it's still alive!)
Rocky (aka the Italian Stallion)- Hamster (my college apt companion)
Grady - Bassett Hound
Phoebe - BEAG, my 2006 Christmas present from my hubby
Marty - BEAG, our March 07 Rescue

What a great conversation starter. it was fun reading about everyone's pets!

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Bango (stray Terrier mix)
Tippy (rescue beagle mix)
Keyqua (German Shepard – my dad got the pick of the litter for doing something for the owner)
Lady (stray Terrier mix)
Benji (Lady’s pup)
Bandit (Lady’s pup)
Spike (Lady’s pup – different litter)
Sunshine (Lady’s pup – I think)
Sasha (rescue German Shepard – had mange)
McMack (rescue Scotty – had seizures)
Saysha (rott/chow – got her out of the paper)
Butler (Saysha pup)
Honey Bear (Saysha pup)
Blackjack (Saysha pup)
Emma (spoiled rotten beagle rescue)

loads of cats too.

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I'll play, too, although there's no way I can remember all past pets' names.

Brownie - Childhood dog that my brother and I found under a bridge. She lived 13 years.

Blackie, Midnight, Buttons - Three of the numerous barn cats of my childhood

Ulysses - Big black cat who was the first pet of our married life.

Duke - Boston Terrier who traveled back and forth across country with us during USMC days. He lived to be 15 years old.

Gunner - My first beagle mix given to me in Hawaii by a friend. He came back to the Mainland with us.

Rat, Miz Rat, Oi Pou, Waylon, Willie, Superstar, Da Kine - Just a few of the many guinea pigs we had in Hawaii.

Ruby - A viszla mix we got to keep Gunner company when we settled in Georgia.

Bocephus Bayenne Bleu - The beautiful beagle we bought when Gunner went to the Bridge.

Smoke - A wonderful lab/dobie mix who followed Dusty, Ruby, and Bocephus home from the park where she'd taken up residence. She lived to be 15, and a better dog never existed.

Shadow - The beagle mix who absolutely grabbed my by my heartstrings. He took everything life threw his way with no complaints.

Miss Priss - The calico cat who's queen of our household, and we'd better not forget it!

Misty - The wonderful whippet mix who's now our elegant senior lady.

Bird, Greybird, Frosty - Just a few of the pigeons we had.

Traveler - We adopted him after Shadow went to the Bridge. His rescuer thought he was a beagle/doxie mix....he turned out to be most probably a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Big difference! :angel:

Spook - Our sweet boy who Dusty found running across the highway.

Along the way, there're also been rabbits and fish whose names I've forgotten.

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Scampy - my first dog - got hit by a car when I was 12
Parakeet - what was his name?
Pepper - black and white cat - a rescue
Pride - my quarter horse
--- Many, many, many fish
--- This is too hard!! ---- I don't remember them all!

Clancy - the smartest black lab ever - a rescue

Cricket - my soulmate puppy - a gold cocker spaniel
Dani - a gold cocker spaniel - (Cricket needed a wife)
Pooch - Cricket and Dani's son - the person that purchased him thought that an 8 week old puppy came housebroken. He was mentally abused so I requested his return. I kept him for 15 years.

Cricket, Dani and Pooch are now in heaven

Nikki - my devil dog - sent from heaven
Princess - black cat - rescue
2 parakeets

All fingers, claws and paws are crossed for Rick. Hope we hear good news soon.

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:computer: Tippi sends nothing but good thoughts Bernie's way. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif Now lets see:

Puddy springer spaniel came home two weeks before I was born.

Dame German Shepherd that was born on a farm in Penna. where Muhammed Ali trained back in the 1960's

Bourbon Yorkshire Terrier. A wedding present in 1976. Followed by Norman a Teacup Poodle, then Muffin, a cocker spaniel.

Found Maedel, a pure black kitten that we found behind an Eckerds in South Carolina. Some horrible person left her there in a box right after she was born. She only lived a few weeks, but I will never forget her.

Presently, Tippi. Beagle/cocker spaniel. Unlike any dog I have ever had. I think she is half human sometimes.

Well that's it. That was fun,Rick!!


"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet"
Edith Wharton
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