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Oh Bones, eternally upset [video]

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Bones is a nervous dog who gets anxious and howl-prone at the drop of a hat. She is inconsolable, so pretty much all you can do is distract her or just let her be unhappy as you try, in vain, to comfort her. Sometimes, though, I wonder if she howls just because she's a bit bored. She was upset about a bunny watched intently from the wrong side of the window moments before I took this video. Once she got going with the crying, I got her to sit up in her daddy's chair so maybe she'd stop. And yet, in between cleaning herself, talking to Spock, and getting comfortable, she kept making the saddest little howls ever. She's such a character. I present a combination of lazy, upset, and silly: another video of Bones howling for no good reason.

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