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Booker has always been 100% reliable off leash - when she was younger we had a dog walker who would take her for 3 hour hikes in the mountains, and we would also go for extended hikes with her and she was completely fine - never had an issue with her at all. Sometimes she would go running into the woods after a squirrel, but would never be gone more than 5 minutes or so or let us get out of her sight (and it was always obvious where she was by the noise)! Popcorn is also fine off leash because she is too terrified to go too far away from us.

Moose is a totally different story but even he has gotten better over time so we now can take all of them on extended off leash walks without problems. And last spring we rented a cabin in the woods in Washington state where they all could run free and they would be gone for up to 1-2 hours but came back every time. So it can be done!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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