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My girl Zowie did this for a while, even though she was spayed. She'd hump blankets or pillows that she considered hers if anyone moved them. She also humped a talking Teletubby until the batteries ran out :O
I agree with everyone, it's just a dominance behaviour, though I don't like what that word connotes. In my experience with my own dogs and in the work I've done with other dogs as a trainer, the best remedy is a well-established and positive training routine. When dog gets out of line, the dog gets a string of firm commands. If the training is solid, the dog complies quickly and the power balance is restored. You get to praise the pup for listening and everybody wins. I know some people still opt for power struggles like flips and pins but those can escalate real fast into bad situations that involve teeth and blood.
Neutering will certainly help with pushy behaviour, but often part of that is personality. My puppy Ziggy likes to push his weight around, we call it confidence, hahaha.
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