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YES, YES, and another YES! It was the best thing we did with Jersey. Of course, she was only a few months old when we started so she hadn't developed any really bad habits yet. I liked having a trainer to give me advice on specific things we needed help with. I also needed the motivation of going to class every week. I never would have done the work with Jersey on my own, but I was totally motivated to show off what we had learned. Plus, it helped establish us as the alpha's in the pack. Jersey learned quickly that if she did what we wanted she got a yummy treat in return. We did the first two sets of classes at PetSmart. They were around $100 each but it was money well spent. We actually never finished the second class, as the focus was totally on heel and that is still a concept which eludes Jersey. Overall though, it was time and money well spent. I say do it!
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