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Nutty Butter?

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hi there - just wondering if there are any known toxic nuts for pooches that i should stay away from....??
instead of putting peanut butter in her kong i've been putting in almond and now cashew butter because my hubby is allergic to peanuts.
anything i should know?? thanks so much
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Originally Posted By: Woojiebearhaha that's a great idea!! frozen yogurt treats for pups

wonder if there's some kind of juice that's ok for dogs that you could freeze... PUPSICLES!
hahaha o crack myself up :p

thanks for that link!!!! i didn't know HALF that stuff was toxic!
very helpful
so looks like the only nut i have to watch out for are macadamian nuts but i've also heard that walnuts r bad.
good stuff. thanks again
try beef or chicken broth in ice cube trays-homer LOVES frozen beef broth cubes.i get the cheap canned stuff and water it down first
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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