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Numerous potty breaks

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I think I remember someone posting about this problem, but I looked back and couldn't find it.
Harley (now 4 months old) is doing great with the potty training. He has not had an accident in over a week. It was like he figured out one day that he is supposed to go potty outside. He goes to the door and scratches when he wants to go potty. We take him to the same spot each time and give him the chance to go- no playing.
The issue is that he will go to the door sometimes as often as every 5-10 minutes to go out. Most of the time he pees when we take him out. I have a feeling he is not completely emptying his bladder when he goes out. I think he just likes to go outside. We live in a townhouse and do not have a yard, so we take him out on a leash each time. He does get walks each morning and playtime during the day.
He can hold his bladder 4-6 hours during the day when he is in his crate, and 8-9 hours at night. Don't get me wrong, we are VERY grateful he sleeps through the night and lets us know when he has to go out.
A trainer told us to take him out every time he scratches. It is hard to get anything done when he wants to go out so often.
Any suggestions on the frequent daytime bathroom breaks?
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Harley is still pretty young so the potty breaks might be more frequent than an adult beagle. Really try to establish a schedule and praise good pee pee. If he wants to go out, take him to the potty area only, not walking around sniffing and playing. Tell him go PP or whatever words you choose. The nighttime potties should let up. Sounds like he is doing very well for his age!
Thanks. Sometimes its just good to hear some reassurance.
Cassidy would only hit the bells on the door when she needed to go, then she hit it every five seconds. They will get to a certain age that I believe they need to start learning that they can't always get to go outside when they want to or need to, and that they will need to hold it. I am a strong believer if the dog can hold it for 8-12 hours when in the crate when you work, then they can hold it for 15 more minutes...lol
I had a post a couple of months ago about this same thing, it might be the one you were thinking of. You can search for it under the title: Potty training is going well-more advice needed.

Abby was 6 months old when I posted that and having the same problems you are discussing. She is 8 months old (today, actually) and doing much, much better at waiting longer to ask to go outside. So, I do think they have to go out way more frequently when up and playing than when resting in their crates.

Sometimes Abby still whines to go out when we KNOW that she doesn't need to. In that case we usually try to distract her or just ignore her completely (so that she doesn't start to think that whining will always get us to play with her). She hasn't peed in the house at all. :)

Keep us updated!
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