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not really eating :(

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hey everyone,
i dont know if its a big problem but pita sometimes doesnt eat her dry food until the evening and even in the evening she doesnt eat a lot. when a get really worried i give her chicken and other goodies witch she eats without a problem. i tried 2-3 types of food and she doesnt really eat none of them... (until the evening). so she actually eats only one meal a day... any suggestions?
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They are definitely smart, especially when it comes to food. I'd be willing to bet she's already learned that if she leaves the dry boring food alone she'll get the yummy chicken. Fin has some strange eating habits as well. Sometimes he gobbles it right up, sometimes he leaves it till the next day, and sometimes he eats half now and half later. I just have him on a max amount of food per day. If he eats it all fine, if not I just leave it. One thing is for sure, they will never starve themselves.
The Dog Whisperer rules. Not only does it help me with training Fin, but seeing how bad some dogs can be makes me feel better about him when he's really misbehaving. I always know it could be much worse.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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