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not really eating :(

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hey everyone,
i dont know if its a big problem but pita sometimes doesnt eat her dry food until the evening and even in the evening she doesnt eat a lot. when a get really worried i give her chicken and other goodies witch she eats without a problem. i tried 2-3 types of food and she doesnt really eat none of them... (until the evening). so she actually eats only one meal a day... any suggestions?
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Cobi attacks food like he hasn't eaten in years. However, there are HOT days that he isn't as rambuncious, rather like we are when it's hot. We just don't want to eat. Holding out for treats is a good answer to the problem too....maybe use carrots or beans for a treat instead of something else...and only for special times. As I've said before, our vet told us that dogs, especially beagles, will never starve themselves to death, if food is available. I'm thinking it's a matter of mind over matter, she might just be trying to psych you out.
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