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not really eating :(

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hey everyone,
i dont know if its a big problem but pita sometimes doesnt eat her dry food until the evening and even in the evening she doesnt eat a lot. when a get really worried i give her chicken and other goodies witch she eats without a problem. i tried 2-3 types of food and she doesnt really eat none of them... (until the evening). so she actually eats only one meal a day... any suggestions?
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Scout is like this too. She sometimes eats late or not at all. We have switched her food once and she went crazy over the new food. Then after about a week it was back to only eating it occasionally. My wife wants to switch food again, but I think that she will love it for a week and then get tired of it. I know she isn't going to starve herself just because her food is boring, so I only get worried if it goes on for a few days in a row. Usually if she doesn't eat one day she will the next because she will be hungry.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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