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Not Pooh Bear's week - He is ok

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Our new swimming pool is pretty much finished. We have the gap in the fence covered so they can't get out of the yard. We let them out into the whole back yard tonight where the new pool is. I think that if it had been daylight this would not have happened. Sadie and Pooh Bear were running all over their yard sniffing around. They haven't got to run around the whole yard for weeks while the pool construction was going on. Hubbie was outside with them. He only heard a big splash and Pooh Bear was in the middle of the pool. He thinks he was running and didn't realize what a pool was or didn't see it?? Anyway, hubbie coaxed him to the side and fished him out. He then went and rolled in the dirt that is still all in the yard from the digging for the pool. I took him directly inside to the bathtub for a good bath. We see now that we will need to put a cute little white pickett fence around the pool area. Anyone else have a pool? How do your Beagles do aroundit?
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We have a pool and the best investment I ever made was a pool alarm. It goes off if anything more than 5 pounds falls into the pool. It is kind of a pain to take out everytime you want to swim but well worth the peace of mind it gives in the long run. I would highly recommend looking into it. We didn't do this until we experienced a sad puppy accident so needless to say we are big alarm people. Full grown dogs probably aren't such a security problem but better safe than totally sorry. Hugs, Julie
Sammy has always had a pool every since I got her. The first thing that I did after bringing her home at 10 weeks was to put her in the water and start teaching her where she needed to go in order to get out of the pool. We started off simple...right around the steps teaching her where they were and what they were for. Gradually moved her farther and farther away and eventually she learned what to do if she ever fell in. With the bigger dogs (lab and shepard/boxer mixes) she has been knocked in a few times and always made her way to the steps and out. In fact she loves the pool in the summer months as she has her own blow up raft (see cover of 2007 calendar for her summer afternoon pose) and when she has sunned enough she slides off into the water and swims over to the steps.

The best thing that you can do is to teach both Pooh Bear and Sadie what the pool is and how to get to safety in case of mishaps.

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Poor Pooh Bear! What a week he's having. Knowing that he is OK, I can't help but laugh thinking of the surprise he must have felt hitting that water. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif I don't have a pool, but the ideas mentioned so far all sound good.
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Summary of Pooh Bear's week:

He had a bad bloody diarrea and throwing up this week. But it was just the one night and he was fine the next day with normal "poops".

Then Sadie and Pooh Bear almost escaped from the fenced yard. But they were caught before they could get out into the street. Shew!

Then the first night they are let out into the full yard where the new pool is, Pooh Bear falls in.

He is no worse for the wear.

And yes, it really is funny (knowing that he wasn't hurt and is fine) that he did fall in the pool. Hubbie says he made a big splash. I think he was running and it was dark and he just didn't know someone had put a big water hole in the middle of their yard. Hubbie says when he first fished Pooh out that Pooh croched down low as if to say "what happened??" Then he promptly ran over to a dirt pile and rolled in it. Then had to have an immediate bath.

Today I have let them out in the big yard where the pool is. They ran around for several hours with me outside supervising. I've been raking leaves, they have been having a ball running around sniffing all the scents. They did fine with the pool. They both came up to it and sniffed it and they know it is there now. We may still put a pool fence around the pool and will definitely get a pool alarm. They will always be watched around the pool unless we get a pool fence.
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I'm happy to hear Pooh Bear is feeling better....and I thank him for the giggles I had reading about his 'big adventure' with the new pool. I can just PICTURE the what-the-heck-just-happened look on his face!! :angel:
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