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New "trick"

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Jersey has a new "trick". Since I got the laptop computer, it seems I've been spending a little more time than usual on the computer. What can I say. It's just very convenient to keep handy! :redface:
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way to go Jersey.....don't you let that ugly computer win out over a pretty girl like you.....

sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.....(((wink))) :thumbup:
Nice, Rhett does the exact same thing (he was doing it a bit earlier but he is out terrorizing the cats at his moment. You'd think that after a year they would be able to live happily under the same roof).

The only solution is to put the computer down unless I'm doing work stuff then I have to move to the kitchen table.
I don't have a laptop, but many times Miss Priss comes into the computer room and fusses at me until I pet her or go put food in her bowl. :eyes:
I'm glad I'm not alone here! I wonder sometimes who is trained better...Jersey or us!
It's great that our dogs can communicate to us when they want some attention. Bailey is a little less suttle when I'm on the computer for a while. He just jumps on my lap while I'm typing and demands some attention.
Booker's trick in this regard is to go to my right side with the mouse, stand up, put her paws on my arm as it is outstretched to the mouse, and then DIG in her claws until I have no choice but to stop working on the computer and give her attention!

They definitely have all of us well trained!
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