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Hello everyone! First let me intoriduce myself and provide a little bit of background. Im currently serving my ninth honorable year in the Army, Ive deployed once and now Ive been tasked out by the Army to do a three year Recruiting tour in Alton, Illinois. I never wanted to be a recruiter before because I do not like desk jobs. But life isnt all kitty cats and sunbeams.

My whole life Ive always wanted a dog, and unfortunatly with the constant headache of moving around in the Military, that has prohibited me from getting one. Well, when I came out to recruiting duty I volunteered my weekends at the local shelters to help take care of the dogs. When I saw that they had a four year old healthy Beagle up for adoption there, I couldnt help myself. He has been the best dog ever. He came from an abusive home and has many hunting habits. So I assume he used to hunt for someone.

I cant say enough about this dog. He sleeps most of the day but is very alert and loyal. What a great dog!

Thanks in advanced for all the warm welcomes.

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