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new to Beagles - ques about my puppy

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My husband and I both had beagles as kids (20+ yrs ago). We just adopted an 8 wk old beagle mix yesterday. She's still very skittish and aclimating to her new surroundings and her new sister (an 8 month old Havanese/Bichon).

So our question is what are her back legs supposed to look like? If you're looking at her from behind, she looks like she's been riding on a saddle (legs spread and rounded like a U). When she starts walking and her tail goes up, it's not as noticeable, which makes me think it's just stress and she's unsure. It almost looks like she's tucking her butt under when she's standing.

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Welcome to the BW pack!

Pics help. But any real determination of a problem should be made by your vet. So your next trip in, ask. But if Meg is running around and happy, then most likely nothing is wrong. If it is, its probably nothing too serious.
Meg's precious, and I don't see anything wrong with her legs, either.
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