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NEW Rescue......need help

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I just recently rescued/adopted male/brother beagles
I am unsure as to there exact age but they seem to be at least a year old. I am "attempting" to house train them but sudden movements seem to make them cower. I have learned to be firm in there mishaps but absolutely no physical hitting or yelling,also well timed rewards can help this matter..........i hope to have some pics on here asap to help get a better idea on there age. HOW DO I help Tiny and Sam
be trusting and lively . I want them to be happy. However when im loving on them they are wagging there tails and are happy but seem to have a constant fear of punishment it seems........Last note on this for now ... I AM A NEW BEAGLE OWNER, AND I DONT KNOW WHY I DIDNT GET ONE BEFORE LOL...ANY HELP AND/OR SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED
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How old are the pups? Did you adopt them both at the same time? Wow, that is impressing, thanks for doing that.
Stay tune with us and you will learn a great deal from the most experience beagles owner in the world. I myself have Charlie for only 2 years, lots of fun. I found it helpful putting Charlie through a puppy training. I humanized my Charlie quite a bit which turned him into quite dorminant. :greendevil: Which I have to correct him with another trainer who makes house call. As I said before in another thread, some beagles are angels and some needs more firmer actions. Yes, Charlie is afraid of sudden movements too, so it is not a problem of a abusive pass. I got him as a puppy. A fallen object, a moving vacuum cleaner, a bang of some sort. Maybe he is tiny, 26lb he is more alert.
Welcome to BW!
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