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New Puppy, New Beagle, New World?

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Hey everyone!

I've been scanning in and out of your posts befor my girlfriend and i found our little beagle charlie(brown) and i found my self quite charmed by them and this forum!

We have a few questions about our 9 week old puppy, If anyone can help me out with any info i'd be very thankful!

Where to start /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

He has had his first set of shots and been dewormed twice so far.

The breeder we got him from told us he had been paper trained.. which he mostly is.. when we bring him to the paper.. but other than that he just seems to pee in a few "specific" spots in the place when we're not around or asleep.. (He's really good about waiting untill i take him outside befor he REALLY goes) but still, everything i do seems to do nothing.. Is this just because hes young and maybe scared of the bathroom with his paper?

Also, If he pee's and smells it there later.. won't he pee in the same spot? (like cats?).. i've been using fabreeze incase.. to eliminate as much of the smell as i can (for his nose)

Second question, Since the day we got him (2 days ago) He's had what i thougth at first to be "consecutive sneezing" but now it just seems like he has a hairball hes fighting to cough up once in a while.. then just stops and carrys on with his life.. We're so worried?? we KNOW he hasn't eaten anything from our place or the car.. he mows his food down like a crazy man and he has no problems with his water... any ideas?
(usually goes "cough cough cough" "sneeze" then what seems to be him trying to cough somthing up but nothing does)

i hope its just a puppy cold?...

Third question, How much should we feed Charlie? He seems to be ALWAYS hungry.. so we've been doing our best to limit it to 3-4 times a day.. small ones in the morning, big lunch (then big run or walk) then 2 small dinners.. one befor we go to bed to keep him busy.. .. is this ok? little handfulls..... (hes a pretty big beagle for his age)

Fourth question, We can't seem to find where to leave him in our apartment when we go to out to the store.. today we tried leaving him for the first time in the bathroom with his favorite toy, bed and some food/water and his paper... NOT working! he howled for the first time.. (PEIRCING) as you all know! so we got sad and took him out (after 5 minutes) and put him into the kitchen... with some paper.. he barked and whined a bit but we were late so we left anyways and came back and he was quiet..

Any ideas?

Anyways i'm sure i'll have many many more as this is a new world for us both but far its been an amazing adventure! The little guy has SO much emotion.. hes perfect when hes a good boy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Thanks guys! Anything on how your dogs were when they were puppies will help aswell /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif


Kyle & Tara & Charlie(brown)

(thats our baby) p.s is it weird that hes all black with just the brown on his under ears and eyebrows? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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A big welcome arrooo from more Vancouverites and our three beagles. Charlie is adorable! I'm assuming you are in Vancouver BC and not Vancouver Washington. If so, you and Charlie will also have to come out to the beagle meetups that are held every month - check out meetup.com and search for the Vancouver area beagle group. Last month they had 54 beagles out for the meetup - unfortunately we couldn't make it but I am sure Charlie would have a blast!

As for your questions, unfortunately I don't have any answers because all of our three were adult rescues and therefore we don't have any experience with puppies - but there are many people here who do and I'm sure you will get answers to all of our questions (which, I think I understand from reading the relevant threads, basically boils down to consistency, patience and a sense of humour)!

Oh, there is one question I can answer - it isn't weird that he is mostly black with just a bit of brown - but be prepared to see a lot of the black, especially on the face, disappear as he gets older. I think everything that is white now will basically stay white, but the black bits can and will turn to brown - sometimes almost overnight - I understand. Just part of the beagle magic!
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A big ahroooo welcome to BW!! Maybe I can start off with some suggestions. 1st, you puppy is so young, you are going to have inside potty training mistakes. You are right that the smell will draw them right back to the same spot. You might want to pick up some Nature's Miracle from the pet store. It is especially formulated to remove pet urine odors completely. I'm afraid Fabreeze won't do the job.

If you haven't taken your pup for an initial exam with your vet yet, make an appointment immediately. Puppies are not completely disease resistant until their complete set of vaccines are done. That being said, I would be rather worried about the cough/sneezing....enough to warrant calling your vet 1st thing in the am. It could be something as simple as allergies, yet I would want to rule out a parvo virus - quite common in pups that young. It is best to establish a relationship with a vet right away when you bring a beagle baby home anyway.

Hope this helps a bit. Julie
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Okay, having a 10 month old and a 6 month old puppy myself I feel I have some knowledge about beagle pups so perhaps I can help.

First of all let me say that I agree you should be contacting your vet just to be certain it is nothing to worry about, but with that said...my beagles really seem to sneeze, cough and snort when they are first up from a nap or night time sleep. More so than any of the other dogs I have owned in my lifetime. I think it may be a beagle thing. It is far from constant. Almost every time they wake up in the morning and maybe 2-3 times a week when we are all out playing. They show no other signs of illness and I have just figured they have dust in their noses or something.

Beagle pups are very mischevious, therefore, I am a firm believer in crate training. I never used to be, but I think my Beagles are the reason I have changed my thinking in that regard. You will find that a crate can become their best friend and yours. It is essential during housebreaking and invaluable when you need to leave your home for any extended period of time. It will save you a lot of money and heartache in the end and dogs being ancestors of cave dwellers really learn to love their private space. Mine love their afternoon naps in their crates and do well in them overnight also.

As for food...Beagles are always chow hounds. At least as pups I find they are. My older Beagles have really slowed down on how fast they eat and how much they eat, but given food at will, they would definitely become obese. Just follow the guidelines on the dog food you have purchased. The more expensive brands are believed to be higher quality and require less food to be fed to your dog so it really depends on what you are using.

As for coloring...don't fall in love with the dark brown/black on the puppy. It goes away quickly. In the introduction section I have posted pictures of my youngest beagle as a pup and 4 months after bringing him home. He looks like a completely different dog. My female was also the same, although she was never as dark as Tate to begin with.

I hope this information helps. Welcome and good luck with your new arrival.
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Hi :wave: and welcome!!!

You have found the right place to probably most of your questions. Let me first start by telling you that whatever you hear about crate training is true and probably the best thing you can ever do for your pup. You need to do it gradually, as many of people here will tell you, lots of positive reinforcements and treats will help as well. I started off too late and my puppy will not hear of it. I am still fighting her with the housebreaking and I guess that if I started with the crate earlier (when I got her 3 months ago) she probably would have been fine by now, but we are getting there (I can see the end).

The coloring will definitely change!!! Charlie will get browner where you see black (not all though), mostly the face I presume.

About the feeding, stick to what the manufacturer advises for now. I wouldn't give hime more that 3 meals a day, at specific times, that way you can also control his potty times and build a routine.

Oh, and the cough, consult with your vet, they should know.

Charlie is very sweet, enjoy him! :thumbup:
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+1000 on crate training.

Beasley is 5 months old (we got her at 10 weeks) and we had her in her crate immediatley. I can count on one hand the number of accidents we have had in the house (and each one is on us, because even though we knew it was time to take her out, every once in awhile we got lazy).

There was a lot of crying at first, which of course is always hard to take. But now she runs into her crate whenever we open the door because she knows that it's treat time.
My little Duke is going on 5 months now. We got him at 3 months and we are still dealing with potty training issues. BUT...it is getting better and we are finally starting to see the light at the end of that tunnel. Nature's Miracle is much better at taking out the urine odor.

I'd agree with 3 meals a day and follow the pet food advice on quantity. One question I have is about the big walk/run he goes for after lunch. Is that in your own backyard, or are you taking him out front for a walk? If so, you need to wait on that until after his shot series is finished.

They are fun pups with great personalities. As much as Duke may drive us batty at times, we wouldn't trade him for the world!
welcome!!! your beagle is too cute! i got holly at 9 weeks about three weeks ago and i cannot say enough about the benefits of crate training!!! it has been a rather smooth transition for her, but i know that it is something that needs to start off early. getting her used to her crate also eliminates the problem of where to put her when you go out for short periods of time. i work full time and holly goes in her crate from about 8:45am-12pm and then from 12:45-5:30ish. when i am home, she's out of the crate and allowed to roam about freely (as long as i can see her). i leave her crate door open and she runs in and out whenever she wants.

in regard to the cough, i would definitely see a vet about it. young puppies are soooo susceptible to illnesses like parvo or kennel cough.

holly gets three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. i leave the food out about 30 min to give her some time to eat. if i were to leave the food there all day, she'd eat all day!

enjoy your puppy - these past three weeks have been the most frustrating, tiring, yet strangely rewarding weeks of my life! i am quickly learning the virtue of PATIENCE! it is important to address bad behavior and/or habits immediately because once allowed, it is that much harder to rid them of it. once she gets her next set of shots, i am enrolling her in puppy classes - we've been practicing some basic commands, but there is still a lot i feel i myself can improve on. oh, and exercise! when i first joined the board, someone had posted, "a tired beagle is a good beagle". after spending so much time in the crate, i let holly walk/run/sniff outside as long as she wants - if she's tired, she's less likely to get into things, lol! as mischevious as holly tries to be, her love and companionship TOTALLY outweigh the 2am bathroom runs and the beagle eyes when she knows she's gotten into something she shouldn't have.
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When i got to see Dixie she was already in a crate, So she should be used to it when she gets here.

Her crate was Huge since her and her mother and 5 other pups stayed in it.

Hopefully a medium crate will be ok for her, and i figured a stuffed animal so she can sleep with it, might help recreate the felling of the other pups.
Thank you everyone for all of your help, really means alot to us!

Do the vets charge just to ask questions? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif either way i think im going to bring him down! Does anyone know a good vet in downtown vancouver? (bc).

And in reply to the coughing and sneezing when he wakes up - He does that too! alot when he wakes up and while hes falling asleep! its cute but starting to scare me a little!

When should i get his second round of shots?

god hes so cute when hes sad! should i put him in the kennel when we go out, with a treat and shut the door?.. and maybe just let him man it out?

he seems to always want to run back to where his bed first was when he got here.

but anyways! Thanks again!

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Greetings from Ontario Charlie & Kyle :wave: Charlie looks like a sweetie... you'll miss those cute eyebrows!

I'm with everyone else... Crate training / usage is THE way to go. :exactly:

Tramp is a big time whiner and when he won't settle down in the cage I find putting a blanket over the cage helps (unless he needs to pee, then forget it, he lets us know!) I only put the blanket over the front, one side and the top (where he can see us from) so he has lots of ventilation.
Welcome, /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

You should find a good permanent vet in vancouver, one that is not far away in case of an emergency. The vet's office should let you call and speak to a vet and ask all the questions that you want! And they can tell you when to get the second round of shots! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
About the whining, in about 4-6 months your puppy will get used to being left alone, I suggest using a crate at night and when you leave, but at night you will have to listen to him whine for about an hour til he falls asleep!
He will wake up in the middle of the night to potty!
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Took little charlie to the vet today and the nice lady said he may have Kennel cough! Poor guy! i have to put him on anti-biotics cause hes not big enough to fight it off yet /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif ..

he looks so stressed out when he starts coughing!!

Does anyone else notice that when their puppies they LOVE to burrow their noses into you and sleep? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif SO CUTE!
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I have one that loves to have her nose right next to or under my stinky feet when she sleeps and another one that just has to be touching us somehow. Either he has a paw on us or he is literally laying his whole body against ours. I love how they want to snuggle.
Awww, poor little guy... he should feel better soon. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

Maybe you should get Charlie the bordetella shot (kennel cough) when he gets his annual needles, even if you might not think you will use a boarding kennel.
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Poor baby! He'll be OK though. Jersey had a mild case of kennel cough not long after I first got her.

As for your questions...

Febreze won't get the smell of urine out. We may not smell it but the dog will. Get something like Simple Solution at the pet shop. It's got special enzymes to break down the urine (or other fluids!) to really get rid of the smell.

Feed him according to the guidelines on the bag of food. Different foods have different requirements. As a puppy he should be fed three times a day, equal amounts. Try to keep the times consistent and it will help with potty training. You'll learn that it only takes a short time after a puppy eats that it's time for them to go potty. Actually, you'll want to take Charlie out after every meal, nap, play time, etc. All those things will make him have to go and the more you take him out, the sooner he'll learn that potty is supposed to happen outside. I've never been a big fan of paper training. You have to retrain to go outside after they've learned it OK to go in the house.

As for where to leave him, I agree with everyone else. CRATE! He'll learn that it's a good place to go. It's a safe place for the dog and it keeps your stuff safe as well. Make sure he gets lots of treats for going in the crate to make it a more enjoyable place for him.

Ask your vet when you should come back for the next round of shots. Jersey had all of hers done by the time she was 11-12 weeks old. We did ours as quickly as possible so we could start obedience training with her.

Good luck with Charlie! I'm sure that he'll be a great companion for you guys. Oh and the snuggling? That probably won't end as Charlie gets older. Jersey loves to cuddle. She has to be touching me at all times when we sleep. Usually she has her whole body up against my legs, right behind where my knees bend. Even if she's napping on the couch and I'm watching TV there. She's got to be right up against me. I can't wait to hear more about Charlie! I'm sure that you'll have some great puppy stories to be telling us soon.
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Quote:Originally posted by Kyle S:
Does anyone else notice that when their puppies they LOVE to burrow their noses into you and sleep? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif SO CUTE!
It sure is! :angel:

Here's how Tramp morphed colours:

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I hope the little fellow is feeling better soon. He is a beauty!

I am Mommy to 10 month old Twins (that I just had fixed last week). I thought my Girls were the only black headed ones until they both turned around 6 months and now they are just black on their backs.
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