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New puppy checklist.

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Tell me if I'm forgetting anything, or if you can help recommend an item for one of the things I'm looking for!

Crate - I have a boy puppy, have been told not to get a wire crate for potty training...I'm assuming this is right and makes sense. Wondering about a good brand or should I just go with anything.

Puppy treats for training - Zuke's Peanut Butter-Flavored Mini Naturals Dog Treats, 16 Ounces. Had VERY good reviews on amazon about being a perfect size and dogs go crazy for them.

Furminator - for when my puppy gets older and starts to shed.

Conair nail clipper - has guard to help make sure you don't cut too much.

Toys - isqueak rubber ball, dunno what else to get yet...maybe some sort of stuffed animal?

Food - Orijen Puppy food...willing to try other foods if you guys dont think this one is good! i just bought a bag of it so need to cancel it before it ships if you guys dont recommend it!

Food/Water dish - got a ceramic bowl with his name for 13 bucks.

Collar/Leash - Got a collar with attached safe dog tag. Instead of putting my name I put my email along with phone # and his name! Emails can normally always be accessed even if your phone gets disconnected or changed!

anything else you'd recommend?!

also going to rebuild the back fence and put bricks or something around it to help prevent digging under.

he actually won't get here till next friday but im so excited!
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A new beagle, and a puppy. You are going to have so much fun.

Now if you can find a store that sells abundant patience and humor, please stock up on it for those chewing times, those potty training times. And then don't for get to get the LOVE packed in...cause he is going to steal your heart.

How about a blanket for the crate, and maybe another one for outside the crate, when he's just too tired out to make it to his home....

You are going to make a great beagle person....and hey, keep our addy close, we love to hear and see new beagles.
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