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First time poster. We adopted Ranger at 8 weeks old and we've had him one week today..so he's 9 weeks now. I haven't raised a puppy in years so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with this stage and just looking for advice or solidarity. Also my husband and I have an almost 3 year old son and my hope is that they can grow up together and be pals. But right now I can't trust the puppy around my son with his crocodile teeth and energy. Can someone answer some of my questions and tell me any success stories of having a former wild stubborn crocopup who turned out to be a gentle loving family pet?

1..He nips and bites, chews on our clothes and even growls sometimes when too hyped up. We have to pull our hands, sleeves, shoes, pant legs out from his mouth cause he just hangs on. How to best correct this biting and when does it get better?

2.. His poops have been pretty soft and mushy like soft serve ice cream and I figured it was maybe due to being so new and the dewormer etc..we have his first vet appointment tomorrow morning. I haven't seen any worms in his poop but he does itch and scratch a lot in that area too. And today he pooped in the kitchen floor and he immediately ate it! 馃あ is that normal?

3..speaking of poop...we take him outside very regularly..after naps..after eating..after playing etc.. he usually always pees while outside and sometimes poops too but he comes in and will pee again within a few mins..sometimes right after coming in the house and this is frustrating because we have no warning. I've been spraying each spot with cleaner afterwards. He goes in his crate no problem as long as he's good n tired..other times I put him in there and he whines but I know that's normal. Just wondering why the frequent peeing in the house not even 10 mins after peeing outside.

4..as long as I have treats he will sit and lay down on command. He learned those commands pretty quick. Coming when called is a different story though. Its like half the time I think he is deaf cause I can call him and call him and he completely ignores us. How do you get them to learn to come to you when you say their name?

Last thing...he constantly chews and tugs at his leash when it's on and I guess he thinks it's a game. I am trying to teach him to "drop it" but that doesn't seem to be progressing any yet. Not sure if I'm doing it correctly.

Sorry for all the questions. I know its only been a week but at times I feel overwhelmed and wonder what was I thinking. I would love to hear how your puppies were vs how they are now?


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He's so cute! 8 weeks (now 9) is very young especially with beagles, they can be tough to train early on. Food can make a huge difference in the poop. You can add a bit of canned plain pumpkin to his food and that might firm things up. I highly recommend a puppy basic training class, it helps them with socialization and teaches proper training techniques. Consistency is very important with potty training.

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He's adorable! Some biting, nipping and energy is normal puppy behavior. However, you have to stop it and channel the energy. He needs a lot of playtime and exercise (not necessarily walking - tire him out mentally and physically) -it's like having a another child, you have to teach right from wrong. Glad you're getting vet checked to see if there are any GI issues causing the soft poop (could just be food choices). Many types of worms are microscopic so you won't see with the naked eye. Enroll him in puppy classes to socialize and learn obedience so he doesn't grow up trying to dominate members of the family. Peeing inside could be territorial marking if he's getting his hormones. Again, part of training but also consider neutering him when he's done growing; this helps with the territorialism. And check out all Cassie's search suggestions!

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Hey! I have a 17 week old beagle. Everything you mentioned is normal puppy behavior for a beagle. I would recommend to give your puppy lots of checw toys and re-enforce 鈥渘o鈥 when they are going into a biting frenzy. They will eventually grow out of it (give it 7-8 months as what most people will say about beagles). It also helps to walk away from the dog after they bite (for about 30 seconds). The leash chewing and tugging is normal. My beagle does it all the time lol if the dog bites furniture I would recommend looking into a bitter cherry scented spray which helps deter the dog from chewing on things.

Regarding the poop situation鈥 what type of diet are you giving your dog? Personally I would recommend to look into a raw diet mixed with natural foods (like veggies, and oats). Just be mindful to clean up to avoid cross contamination especially since there are kids in the house. Feeding your dog yogurt should help prevent eating of poop. To my understanding dogs sometimes eat their own poop because they instinctually know not to leave droppings where they live (especially near where they eat or sleep).

For bathroom training you need to be patient. They will continue to have periodic accidents (mostly with urination). My beagle still has at least 1 or 2 pee accidents in the house per day (which usually happens in her create due to separation anxiety/ small puppy bladder (inability to hold in). Keep using treats to train and as an incentive to going poop/pee outside. I recommend a long walk to ensure your puppy gets as much pee out as possible.

I hope this helps!
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