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New parents...looking for advice

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Howdy all,

We have just adopted a beagle from our local shelter. He looks to be around a year or two old. The shelter didn't have any information on him whatsoever, as he was bought in as a dog found wandering. He seems to have a great temperment and was really good with our two kids. I'm just wondering if anyone here has advice on how to best go about introducing and training a dog of his age in your home. I only have experince with puppies and am a little nervous about brining in a dog that may or may not already have habits established. He comes home next week after he gets fixed and what not, so any advice would be great. Thanks a lot!!! By the way, I'm attaching his shetler mug shot for you all. (Hope it works) More pictures will come, once he actually makes it home.


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My advice is treat him as if he actually were a puppy.

We got Miley when she was 14 months old and it was no different. She needed the same attention and the same obedience.

Congrats!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/yes.gif on your new family member! Beagles are so much fun.
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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/help.gif to the pack. You are an angel for saving this little guy (name?), he is beautiful /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/doh00000.gif

I second Miley's mom, always take under your consideration that he has a past, but treat him and train him just as you would a puppy, the way YOU want him to be.

Good Luck /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/thumbup2.gif
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Welcome to Beagle World...he looks like a great boy.

I agree. Any new adult dog you bring into your home, particularly if you have no information on him, should be treated in much the same way as you would with a puppy. No info means he's a blank canvas to you.

Be extra vigilant about his toilet habits as he may not be housebroken. If he has any habits, good or bad, he will soon let you know what they are.

Be aware that rescues often come with "baggage" and take a while to settle into their new home and new routine.

Start as you mean to go on is the best advice I can give.
Thanks...that's pretty much how I intended on handling him, unless anyone suggested otherwise. Did she (Miley) have many learned behaviors that had to be reprogramed or was she pretty much already a good houseguest? I have a feeling that this was an outside dog, and we'll be trying to turn it into a house dog. Of course, I could be totally wrong...but I was just curious what Miley's story was and your experiences were with her.
His name is Tobie. Sorry, for not pointing that out in my first post.
/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/nono5.gif, should have looked at your avatar name...
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My Bagel was a four/five year old when I rescued him and I really didn't have any problems except he expected to be with his new pack (me) whenever I was home. We did go to obedience class which helped us bond and taught me a lot. Beagles were bred to be independant thinkers so they will evaluate your request (Other dogs you'd call them commands) and they are ruled by their noses so unless you live way out in the sticks it will probably mean he can never be let of a lead unless he is confined. I guess you'll have to find out if he has any training, is housebroken, etc. but when you do, we can help you!
Welcome to Beagle World and bless you for rescuing Tobie.
Quote: Did she (Miley) have many learned behaviors that had to be reprogramed or was she pretty much already a good houseguest?
oh geez - she still doesn't have the best social graces. She wasn't a rescue. She was a show dog that wasn't doing well in the ring (see her picture on the mail discussion listing) but that's ALL she knew. She was in a barn with 15 other dogs, the breeder was FANTASTIC but she was never ever a house pet. She didn't have any obedience or house training. She's incredible on a lead, that's about the only good habit she had.

She's getting there though - with ALOT of patience and work. I have noticed though that she's alot easier and listens alot better after she's worked (long walk, dog park etc).
Welcome to the BW pack!

First, I thought the Username Tobie's_Parents was a dead give-away on his name.

Obedience Training. Check with your local pet store. Most have classes running all the time.

Try and set up a routine or daily schedule. Stick to it as best you can. You would be amazed at how well they learn what happens when.

And yes, most rescues come with established habits (known as baggage). This is where the patience comes in, unless the habits are good ones. Reward the good, and "NO" the bad. Lots of love and attention and you both should do fine.
What a cute boy!

I am also definitely for an obedience class asap. It really will enhance your bond. Ideally, as many family members should go to class as possible for consistency's sake.

However, I also recommend an agility class. I had a rescue beagle once with extremely low self-confidence (self-esteem, whatever). Giving her opportunities to succeed on the various obstacles (and eat lots of treats!) really boosted her confidence and minimized the baggage!
Awesome. Thanks for the great ides and the warm welcome. I think he's a great looking dog and hope he'll be a great acting one as well. But, we realize hw well he does depends greaqtly on how well we do with him. I will defintely check into classes and try to get him in one as soon as he can. Once I know more about him and his "baggage", I'll surely be back on looking for more specific advice.Thanks again for all the responses I'm really glad I found this forum.
/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/help.gif Thank you for rescuing Tobie. My Li'l Girl was about his age when we adopted her. We had no background info for her, either. She did have to be house trained just like a puppy.

Rescues often have baggage, so you may notice some quirks that will take time and patience to work through. Li'l Girl was very scared of brooms when she first came. Have always wondered why.

Will look forward to more pictures of Tobie, and will be anxious to know how he adapts. My Li'l Girl turned out to be a real jewel. Whoever discarded her missed out on having a wonderful pet.
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to BW! Tobie is quite handsome -- many, many thanks for rescuing him. I can only reinforce the advice you have already received. My Maggie came to me from a shelter when she was about 1 year old (she is going to be 13 very soon). I have found, with all my dogs, that routines are the best way to go -- I think, with a rescue, it makes them feel safe and secure -- for perhaps the first time in their lives, they know what is going to happen next.
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Welcome to the pack! Toby is one handsome and lucky boy to have you as his forever parents!
A big welcome to BW. Tobie looks a great little chap.
The shelter called today and we get to pick him up on Wednesday. We just can't wait to have the little guy home and get to know him better. I may have to go by Monday and see him before his surgery on Tuesday. It's crazy, but we already miss him and wish we could do more for him than sit here and wait on him to get home. Thanks for all the advice and the comments on his picture. We're already really proud of our little boy and appreciate the kind words. Can't wait to experience beagle life and share more with you all.
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