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Two days ago, I got my very first beagle puppy, who will be 10 weeks on Wednesday. Her name is Beanie and I already love her to death!

I do have a few questions though, and I really hope you guys can help me out!

First off, what would be the best sleeping arrangements for the little pup? For the past 2 nights, I have not had a crate yet, so she has been sleeping in my bed with me. I had put her on her bed on the floor near mine, but she would whine and jump in with me. However, I WILL have a crate later tonight, but I was wondering where I should place it. Should it be in the room with me, or somewhere where she can be alone and in quiet?

Also, I was wondering if she should be crated while I am at school tomorrow. I will be out for about 5 hours, and it is the first time I will leave her at home alone. I know it's not very good to crate such a young puppy by herself, but I really have no choice. Should I crate her? Or place her in a small room to give her more space?

Anyway, I hope to chat with you guys sometime in the future!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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