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Congrats! Beanie is a cutie! We started out trying to put ours in the crate at night and thought that keeping him in our bedroom would make him feel more secure. What a disaster!!! He cried and howled for way longer than I thought possible. We ended up falling asleep on the floor with him after taking him out to go potty. Needless to say, we were big wimps and let him start sleeping in the bed after that frustrating experience. I suggest putting the crate in the other room if you intend to crate him at night! Also, don't forget to read up on tips re: getting the puppy used to the crate. We had to go to work the next day after getting him and didn't have enough time to do slow conditioning and really help him feel like the crate is a good place. Consequently, he really hates his crate so it breaks my heart to leave him in there. Good luck... Beagle puppies are challenging but they're worth it!
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