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Absolutely crate her at night and while you are gone with her being so young. Once she is house broken and can be trusted in the house without destroying your belongings (pillows, furniture, remote controls, etc) then you are okay to start allowing her freedom to roam. It is for their own safety as well as for your sanity.

As for sleeping in a crate at night...by putting Beanie in bed with you, you are telling Beanie that she is the top dog in the house. That is something you need to work on from day one. YOU are the top dog. Don't feed Beanie before you eat and don't let her sleep in the best bed in the house. You will have problems later if you do.

The crate can be anywhere really. We have ours in the kitchen area so that during the day they have their safety zone (when and if they want it) in the common area of the house. Ours do well sleeping in another room and when you know that all is well and you just can't take another minute of whining you can shut your bedroom door and still maintain your own well being.

I hope that helps. I am sure you will receive a lot of response to this set of questions.
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