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new hunter pics.

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My baby boy is growing up.

Hunter taken about an hour ago. 11/23 he will be 3 months old.

what mom?!?!?

bobble head hunter

im not amused mom

im going to bed now

Good night.
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He's such a young boy but already has such a distinguished face!!
Too cute!!
Hunter has very unusual markings..... love the ticking

He's a cutie
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Look at those ears! I just love them. And his tikcing is amazing too. Hunter is a very handsome boy.
What a cutie. He is definitely unique as the ticking isn't seen that often around my part of the woods anyway. Since the Beagles here in Utah are so rarely used for hunting we do not see a lot of the ticking. I think ticking is more prevalent in the hunting lines.
I also love his ticking! And those light eyes and big ears are magnificent!
his colors on his akc papers are tan and bluetick. he is just the cutest thing and trust me he has learned how to use those ears and eyes to his advantage lol.
He sure us good looking.
He is very handsome indeed. Thats one of the interesting things about beagles, they come inso many different colours!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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