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Hi everyone, hope you are all ok :)

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for moving homes and getting our little beagle buddy settled.

Unfortunately during early lockdown he got attacked by a number of dogs off leads which has left him quite jumpy ... always known to jump and bark at vans, and wary of certain dogs (husky’s for some reason!) ... but he has certainly got more vocal when seeing unknown dogs. Not all, and there isn’t a pattern (unless it’s a breed that attacked him ... then you can 95% guarantee he will bark a lot!!). So that covers alsatians, pugs and golden retrievers! He loves puppies, and hasn’t learnt to just ignore dogs so we have been working on making him sit to let other dogs walk past. He is getting better but certainly work in progress ... so again any tips here would be fab :)

We aren’t moving far ... just 15mins away, but it will be all new for him and I’d like to make it as easy as possible. We are leaving him with my parents for the first night to get some of the boxes out of the way and his stuff in place ... yep he is a little spoilt too :)

We are going to be living next to an 85acre Park, so as you can imagine ... I think there will be quite a few dogs when we start venturing out.

Any advice really gratefully received ... or questions if I haven’t given enough info.

Thank you so much in advance from Jasper and me :)

Kirsty x

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