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New Beagle puppy

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I'm getting a new Beagle puppy on the 27th of Feb and he will be about 9 weeks old, and I have no idea what beagles like.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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This is my Ruby at the same age - soooo cute!
Beagles are scent hounds and this is obvious from day one. Their noses rule their lives and can lead them into all kinds of mischief. However, although beagles can be strong willed dogs, a very tenacious breed, they are also very loving, affectionate and very good company. Their hearts are huge and their welcome when you come into the room whether you have been away five minutes or a few hours is always heart-warming. In my personal experience, they do not have very good recall skills and therefore most beagles are on lead most of the time, though each dog is individual so you never know, you might get the exception to the rule. I found that toilet training was easier with Ruby than it was with Oscar - I've been told by other beagle owners that bitches are usually quicker - be consistant and you'll win through! Most of all, enjoy your new member of the family as much as you can - they don't stay little like this for long Good luck x
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they love to be loved. they love playtime. any kind of attention. the more you can teach them the more they will become and feel like part of the family. just a few minutes of training a couple times a day will make them better pets and strengthen your bond.knot up an old wash cloth or dish towel for some indoor fetch or tug of war. rub it on yourself to get your smell, then drag it on the floor, hide it behind you and let them sniff it out. after they get it start hiding it a little further away. keep them busy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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