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I am hoping that being tied in the garage is a very temporary safe place for her right now, as beagle need to be close to their owners and need to have that body contact and comfort. They are much like little children in that. It sounds as if you have found an exceptional little beagle and I hope she is allowed to have some space to roam, as being kept in one location for too long will make her "nutty" if it goes on for too long. Good luck with your new little friend.
Oh, I forgot to answer your original question! Yes, beagles can run away but it isn't out of being "bad", they are just always "on the sniff". They can get on a trail and sniff away for however long then finally look up and not know where they are at! It's how I ended up with my beagle, as her other owners never took her "beagleness" into account. I also lost her a few times, and thanks to God, I got her back. So yes, they need a safe place they can run and sniff and never, ever, let her off leash when you are going out to the woods or camping, hiking, anything like that. They are just made to find what they are looking for! LOL!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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