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New Beagle Owner - Crate Question

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I adopted a 1 year old beagle from a rescue shelter yesterday.:dance:
He will be coming home in a week with us. Cant wait.

He is not housebroken, so I will be crating him.
My question is, how large should the crate be?
Any tips for housebreaking a non-puppy?

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my beagle is almost one year we use a crate 24x 36 inch. this seems to be enough room for him. They say he/she should be able to stand up and also be able to turn around this is something i read. Right now im home with him all day so he only go's in it when he is tired however he sleeps in it all night. Beagle Pro | Leaving Your Beagle Home Alone this is a site for some info and you can find a lot more. How long will he be in the crate ?
I am thinking of just leaving him in the crate during sleeptime.
Does that sound right?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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