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New Beagle Mommy

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Hi... I'm Susan, and I'm a homeschooling wife and mother of six in British Columbia, Canada. About a month ago, we added a 2 yo beagle girl, Lulu, to our family. She's a lot of fun, and we love her dearly, but HOKEY DOODLES, the separation anxiety! In a month, she's only been left alone twice, but both times were a nightmare. The previous owner told me I should never leave her alone, and would have to hire a sitter if we went out, but I guess I'm just a little too stubborn to believe I can't help this little girl learn to feel comfortable in her crate for a few hours at a stretch. Any tips?
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Welcome to the group - I'm fairly new here myself, a couple of days, but have had Beagles for the last 5 years. In the pic above - Shiloh is the bigger one - he will be 5 years next month, March 26 - I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Shiloh has really come a long way - even pass the point where people were telling me that he was too much for me and maybe I should think about a different pup - Shiloh is now a registered visiting therapy dog and we go to our city library where children can take turns reading to him. The other dog is my little girl Shasta - she is 16 months old. She is also a niece of Shiloh's which was the main reason I specifically wanted her. She has successfully completed her basic level of obedience training and will start her intermediate level next week. I am planning(hoping) she will pass her evaluation for therapy dog this fall.

<u>NOW - let's talk about your question.</u> First, I guess I have been blessed - altho I have had dogs in my life (50 years) I never had one with separation anxiety. I have kept the tv or a radio on whenever I am gone. Now, with Shiloh who has the run of the house and Shasta, who stays in her crate - I never have problems with things being destroyed like some people do. There are alot of people in this group who have had Beagles longer than me - they may be of more help. I might also recommend talking/visiting with your vet about the separation anxiety - not for medication but he/she may have ideas for behavior modification training - sometimes obedience training of some type will help too.

Anyway, I guess that's it for me and welcome to this wonderful world of the Beagle kingdom.
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