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New Beagle Mommy

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Hi... I'm Susan, and I'm a homeschooling wife and mother of six in British Columbia, Canada. About a month ago, we added a 2 yo beagle girl, Lulu, to our family. She's a lot of fun, and we love her dearly, but HOKEY DOODLES, the separation anxiety! In a month, she's only been left alone twice, but both times were a nightmare. The previous owner told me I should never leave her alone, and would have to hire a sitter if we went out, but I guess I'm just a little too stubborn to believe I can't help this little girl learn to feel comfortable in her crate for a few hours at a stretch. Any tips?
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Welcome to BW!!!

Hi Susan, My name is Lorie and I'm the beagle mom of two awesome little fur babies. My Henry who is a 5 year old tri has the same proplem you have. He came to me out of Canada back on May 9th of 2007. The first night I had him home he came after me and tried to bite me. He was ok around Rusty but was haveing a hard time dealing with people. The first week came and went and things were not getting any better. The old owner faild to tell me he could not be left by him self. Anyway I contacted my dog trainer and we started doing some work with Henry. We changed his dog food started going to the dog parks and started bringing him and Rusty to work with me. I notice things started to change. For the good! He became more friendly. Listening skills were getting better. He was much more a happy dog. We all go every where togather now. To make a long story short one of henry's biggest problems was his dog food. The old dog food he was on was high in sugar. just like giving candy to a baby. Now he is on Martin's dog food witch is a all natural dog food. Good for dogs with high levals of eveything. Best move I ever made. If there is anything I can do for you please e-mail me. [email protected]. Take care and good luck with everything.
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