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New Beagle Mommy

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Hi... I'm Susan, and I'm a homeschooling wife and mother of six in British Columbia, Canada. About a month ago, we added a 2 yo beagle girl, Lulu, to our family. She's a lot of fun, and we love her dearly, but HOKEY DOODLES, the separation anxiety! In a month, she's only been left alone twice, but both times were a nightmare. The previous owner told me I should never leave her alone, and would have to hire a sitter if we went out, but I guess I'm just a little too stubborn to believe I can't help this little girl learn to feel comfortable in her crate for a few hours at a stretch. Any tips?
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Welcome to BW! Thankfully, I have never had to deal with separation anxiety with my now 12 year old Maggie -- I think I have more separation anxiety leaving her than vice versa ... We do have many BW members who have, or have had, this problem -- if you type in "separation anxiety" in the search box, you will have more posts to read than you have time, especially with your responsibilities (6 kids plus homeschooling!!). Maybe you can make this into a research project for your kids? If you get a chance, we would love to see some pics of your Lulu.
Welcome to Beagle World. I'll leave it to others to give you advice about SA. Thankfully, it's an issue I haven't had to deal with.
Howdy Welcome to Beagle World and a big arroooo welcome to Lulu. I don't have an advice. I give my beagle a job to do when I leave for work and it keeps him occupied till I return. I'm sure others can help!
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