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One thing we were advised with Maisie when we picked her up from the breeder was a cage.
Maisie would use the cage as her bed, the cage would be open from the morning until 22:00 at night when we would put her down for the night. We did not use the cage as a bad place for mis behaving but when night came she was put to her bed and cage door closed and then closed into the utility room. THis didn't bother Maisie at all and helped with house traing as well becasue as soon as we opened the cage in the morning she would go staight outside for her buisness. Maise used the cage for rougly a year to 18 months until she started playing up when trying to go to bed. She now has the same routine of going to bed at around 22:00 hrs, but sleeps in her basket or sneeks in with me and the wife.
Another good one for the beagle breed is routine try and maintain a regular routine.

One thing i will say is be the boss, as beagles can be very very stuborn as alreay mentioned. Don't get lost in those puppy dog eye's.
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