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Good luck with this...I'll be watching this closely.

Yodel is also a bedwetter. Last night was the first time that I actually caught him in action and stopped him midstream with a loud NO and brought him outside.

His problem is that during the last pee-pee call at night, he sometimes gets so caught up in his exploring and sniffing that he doesn't do what my other two have learned to do at this time.

Sometimes he goes into the woods or in the back out of my sight so that when he returns, I don't know if he has peed or not.

Henry used to be the same way...never peed in the bed...but forgot or took forever to pee during the last pee call of the night. I'm hoping that Yodel will eventually catch on too.

Like you with Popcorn, Yodel still doesn't have any specific way to ask to go out. When I find him anywhere close to a door, I ask him if he has to go out and let him out.

Anyway...I ended my day yesterday the same way that you began yours today. But I am convinced that if Henry, with all of his quirks and ghosts, can learn to communicate and learn when to to, Yodel and just about anybody else can...including Popcorn.

Hang in there....I'll be hanging in there with you.
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