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This maybe measly to some and time consuming for others, however it does work over a period of time.
I am by no means any expert in diddly however this recipe seems to of worked

For noise that sets beag off, Go see what's setting them off even if it's nothing to you, it means something to your Beag, calm voice say what's there, and bend down and pull your dog in close and gently rub the side of the chest area, shhhhhing words, keep rubbing say good boy or good girl still caressing and rubbing and shhhh still,with words and say lets go in now... eventually it will calm down 85-95 percent.
When we adopted Charlie He was a hand full and things even set him off inside the house, timers , alarmclocks dishes/potspans,doors bells arghhh you name it he was flustered with everything, it took about 7 months but during this time, when he would be set off by something, I would lift him up and replay the noises so he would know where it was coming from and do this over and over again till he got used to the sounds, and yes I even took him to the car and honked horn
*who cares what people think* go beep your horn with dog with you, make noise, seek out noise and cuddly your beag re-assuring them it's ok during this time and move on from the noises and so on.

hope this made sense lol, so hard to type sometimes a scene.
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