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Sammi just turned 1 in December. Overall she has been doing pretty good, but lately she has started to urinate in the house again. She will ask to go out, or I can usually tell when its time, but sometimes she just goes with no warning. She generally does this in one of our bedrooms, but has also done it in the kitchen and family room.

The other thing that is driving me crazy is that she does not come. I have worked with her with treats, but if she doesn't want to come, she doesn't. I know Beagles are stubborn, but its hard to get her to do anything when she doesn't come. Yesterday she snuck out when I went to the door for the mailman. I thought that was the end of her because I know she doesn't come. She chased after the first car that went by, then ran down to the busy thru street in our neighborhood. I jumped in my van (which she hates) and ended up walking around different yards trying to get her to come. Someone passing by offered to help and the 2 of us were calling her and she paid no attention. She crossed the busy street and started after more cars. By this time I had a whole street of cars stopping so they didn't hit her. Finally she got a bit spooked out by all the cars, hair standing on end, and came running to me. I picked her up and ran to my van. That was terrifying. What can I do to teach her to come. I don't plan on her being outside free again (have to make sure the kids are extra careful too), but even inside, she just doesn't come.

Any help is appreciated.
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