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Beagles are notoriously bad at recall (coming when called). We have worked with Duke on this a lot. I read a book saying that only tell your dog to come when he will. If you tell him to come and he doesn't, you are reinforcing that behavior.

We work with Duke in the back yard (Vi is actually good at recall). We don't always give treats, it's usually a pat on teh head and good boy, good come. But make sure there is always a reward, but not necessarily always a treat. Also, do not tell them to come if they are in trouble and you are trying to get them to stop doing something. If you do that, you've made come a bad thing and they won't want to do it.

Duke is getting better, but still has a ways to go. When he has escaped, all bets are off. But, Dave has learned that if he sits down on the ground when Duke is out front, Duke will come to him every time.
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