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The only training class nearby won't take Winston until he is 6 months old. (see the bitter apple thread and you'll understand why I am even reluctant to take him then) I know other places take them at about 12 weeks, but they are kind of far away. I really want him to learn some basic manners and I don't think he needs to wait until 6 months to do that. He knows 'sit' very well, and take it nice which we use to give him the treat so we don't lose our fingers in the process. He needs work on lie down, off? (to keep him from jumping up and/or nipping people), stay and on walking on the leash (he pulls ALOT). He's doing pretty well on the housetraining, I think his biggest issue is how to tell us he needs to go out. Sometimes he goes to the door and shakes the leash, sometimes he doesn't. accidents don't bother me.
I need a lot of help with this one fellow beaglers. Please help!

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Start with this: NILIF
This should give you a basic idea on how to approach Winston. I strongly believe in Nothing In Life Is Free.
You can also find some good articles there.
For training tips you can basically google any combination of dog basic commands tricks tips etc...

Here are some good ones:
1. http://dogs.about.com/od/basiccommands/Basic_Commands.htm
2. http://www.bestfriendspetcare.com/dog_training/basiccommands.cfm
3. http://www.puppy-basics.com/basic-dog-commands.html

There are many more and you can also use books. There are plenty and good ones at that!

Make sure you don't forget to reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior. Also, keep sessions short. 15 minutes at most (start with 5). They get sick of it and bored really quickly.

Good luck!
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