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My mom is currently fostering Betty. She was picked up as a stray and was scheduled to be euthanized at a local shelter.

Betty is probably between one to two years old and weighs right at 15 pounds. The vet thinks she was most likely born blind and other than not functioning her eyes look fine (they don't need any medical attention). She can obviously see a little bit, but not enough to keep her from hitting things.

Besides being blind Betty is healthy. She is heartworm negative and had a negative fecal check as well. Her back legs look a little wonky, but after taking x-rays the vet doesn't believe there is anything to be concerned about. She gets around fine, she just looks a little bowlegged.

She is up to date on shots and has an appointment to be spayed at the SPCA Clinic on December 1st.

Betty is not perfect:

1. She is not housetrained. She is steadily making progress, but still needs to be supervised outside of her crate and taken out frequently when she is out and about. In her crate she can hold it for over ten hours at night (even though her crate is several sizes too big).
2. She loves the trash. She is a beagle after all. She loves anything she can eat. We just keep it in the cabinet where she can't get too it.

Luckily there are many more good things about Betty. She has an awesome personality and does not let her blindness handicap her. Sure she runs into the furniture (especially things like chairs and stools that move around on her), but she is happy. She is incredibly smart and quickly mapped out the yard and house and knows how to find her way around. She can navigate stairs just fine.

She LOVES people and children. She lives with four kids ages 4-11 years. The kids drag her all over the place and she loves it. She also loves other dogs and plays very well with our four dogs (three of which are 60+ pounds). Sometimes you would swear she could see (and then she'll run into something...)! I really think she would do best in a home with another dog. She is still young and active and wants to play A LOT.

To read more about Betty and see a bunch of pictures check out her blog: http://bettytheblindbeagle.blogspot.com/
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