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I have decided that Popcorn has started to bite her nails. At first I thought she just had something in one of her paws and was working on getting it out, but it has now continued over quite some time and when she is fully engrossed in it you can definitely hear a biting noise (I bite my nails too and know the sound well...). I think it is mainly her dewclaw - she twists her paw around and goes at it and when I feel her paw that is the area that is wet. I have looked for information about this as I had never heard before of a dog biting its nails, and it seems that it does happen and is often tied to allergies - which is consistent with Popcorn's allergy problems from last summer.

I'll check with the vet next time we are there just to make sure it isn't an issue beyond being a symptom of allergies, but in the meantime I'm just wondering if anyone else had a nail-biting beagle?!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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