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I took The Children to the Humane Society on Friday for shots and Stray Jack to get his heartworm test...........which came out NEGATIVE :)!!!!! For 89 bucks we got the 3 updated and got Stray Jack a six month supply of heartworm meds! Can't beat that with a stick!

But the most amazing thing is, I found out the Beagle Twins are NOT fat. Chloe weighs 26lbs and Lillie weighs 28!!!! I was so expecting a lot more than that. The vet said the Girls seem bigger cause they are ALL muscle!

I am so happy I don't have heartworm doggies or doggies that could get heart diseasse!

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Coming from somebody who has experienced the experience of heartworms in her dogs (both were rescues that came with the disease), I can safely say....<span style="color: #993399">GREAT NEWS!</span>


It's a terrible thing for dogs to go through for something that is preventable.

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