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well it went very well
much better than mom thought it would
I was a very well behaved doggie & got a lot of people googling over me & saying how sweet mannered I was.

there were a lot of new smells for me to sinff & explore
I even met some nnice new doggies who were just a scard as I was.
the DR was a very nice man who told my mom that my weight was good 29 LBS my mom thinks I may have lost a few puonds too!!

my ears were a bit mucky & the DR put some wet stuff in them & cleaned them out with a stick I was a good girl & just sat still until it was done.
than we left to go to the town hall to get me all license for the year I have a new tag that looks like a fire hydrant
I am a bit wiped for all that has gone on to day so I think I will go take a little napow bark at you later
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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