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Quote:Originally posted by tosca:

From nlr,arkansas.....cutie! I am having trouble posting pic...could u help with simple details? Tosca
Sorry Tosca ! I did not mean to ignore you. I just found your post here on Beagle World:Large Photo Format. Usually don't check this section that often and just read your post. Do you have a site that can do picture resize or any photo software that does ? Reason I ask is normally photos "saved" to your PC are sometime to large to post and need to be resized first. I use online image resizer for this. The picture you see of my Shiloh is 460x345. Beagle world allows 650 or smaller most times. I get on image reszer and it lets me browse my photos for one I want to resize. I find photo then resizer ask how do you want it resized. t Type in resize numbers and it will let you preview the size until you find size you want. Then hit save and you will see popup of files on your PC you save Photos to. At bottom of popup you will see place to name you new file and below it what extension(JPG,GIF,BMP,etc.or "all files)I usually use JPG or "all files". Then to right of popup you will see word "save". Click on that and you resize image is saved to your Pc. I am not a very good "explainer" so will wait to first see if you get this part. If you didn't don't be afraid to ask again;ok? I promise to remember to check back here this time.---littledude
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