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Many years ago we would take our beagles Bucky, Ginger, and Dodie hunting on the top of the hill. We would go about an 1/8 of a mile from the house and get the kids started and sit in the pines at the edge of the field.

Once we were getting hungry and tired and decided to grab the beagles on the next pass around. Well we got Dodie first and then Bucky had came along a minute later. We sat and waited for Ginger for about 15 minutes and did not hear her chasing any rabbits or barking.

My pop had decided to take the two beagles down home and take my gun leaving me with a leash and I was going to hike over to the next mountain about two miles away looking for Ginger and asking along the way if anyone had seen her.

About an hour before dark I returned home by hiking back across and down to the house. I went in the house and told my pop that I could not find her and was going to get the motor bike and go over to the other mountain the other way looking for her. He said don't bother, she was laying in her food dish sleeping when he got home.

Back then we had no cell phones or anything to communicate like today. I asked him why didn't he come and get me when he had found her. He replied that he thought I had enough sense to come home when I got tired and hungry like Ginger did.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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