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My wife and i were both out for most of the day so we asked our neighbour to take our dog, Zoey over to her place and spend some time with her dogs.

Our neighbour has two havanese, and i guess they are not escape artists like beagles because they were quite content to stay in the backyard with nothing but a fence section barring the way to freedom, no gates in the fence yet because we are in the process of having the fences rebuilt.

So along comes Zoey, eager for freedom, yet knowing she should be a good neighbour, she digs a hole under the fence section so the Havanese can crawl under, not good jumpers or diggers i gather, and once they are through she proceeds to jump over the barrier.

Needless to say our neighbour had quite the time trying to round up a hyper Beagle and two little havanese.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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